Luggage Size Guide | Buy the Right Size to Fit Your Needs

Various luggage sizes


Given the breadth of choices for luggage currently on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. Below, we cover the primary sizes of luggage and their basic purpose.

Carry On or Cabin-sized luggage: Measures 19 to 22 inches
This is your most important piece of luggage since it’s what you are carrying on the plane with you and should contain all of your essentials. This size luggage is great for a 1-2 night trip or as your essential carry on when you’ve checked your larger upright. The bags should be easy to carry, contain compartments for toiletries, medications, etc… and will hold undergarments, pajamas and a couple of outfits. Remember to always keep your important travel documents or work papers in your carry on bag.

Mid Size Luggage: Measures 23 to 26 inches
This size bag must be checked at the airport, bus station or railway terminal. Perfect for week long business trips or the family vacation. This size bag will hold 3-7 outfits, couple pair of shoes, blow dryer, hot iron, toiletries (remember to put anything liquid in a zip lock or waterproof container or compartment) and any miscellaneous essentials. For all checked bags, I recommend a zipper key or combination lock for security and luggage tag for easy identification when picking up your bags.

Large or Family Size Luggage: Measures 27 to 30 inches
This size is ideal for long trips or packing for more than one traveler. This size bag will hold several outfits, undergarments, pajamas, up to 4 pair of shoes, toiletries, medicines, blow dryer, curlers, books, etc… These bags must also be checked and again, I recommend you place a zipper key or combination lock on after any security check. It’s also important that you have a luggage tag with your name, phone number and address on the handle of the luggage. Some new airline regulations limit individual luggage size to 30" in length and 62" total (height + width + depth) and weight restrictions (i.e. 50 pounds). The fines for not abiding to the size rule can be hefty; $75 to $300. Remember to always check with your airline to make sure you know their luggage regulations.