Heys USA Edge Case 3 Piece Red Spinner Set Review

Heys USA Edge Case 3 Piece Red Spinner Set


Red is an attention-gathering color. And if you are looking for something durable with a sleek attention-getting red high gloss look, the Heys 3 Piece Spinner Set hardsided luggage may be what you are looking for. Made from a red polycarbonate composite, it is both durable and flexible. Two cutting edge benefits of this set are the dual spinner wheels and the built-in TSA accepted 3 digits lock that also serves as a name tag to identify your luggage. All three pieces are expandable for up to 25% more compartment space. Each piece has a built in divider to help organize your contents and tie straps to keep items from shifting while in transit. Sizes include:

  • 28” Upright 28”x 19”x 13”, 11.9 lbs
  • 24” Upright 24”x 17”x 12”, 10 lbs
  • 20” Upright 20”x 14”x 9.5”, 8 lbs

Who should have the Heys 3 Piece USA Edge Red Spinner Set?

This set is great for the business traveler or a small trend setting family. All three pieces are easily stored inside the larger case. The Heys 3 piece USA Edge Set is really great for all travelers since it is lightweight, easy to pull, trendy and secure.

Things to be aware of: Not scuff resistant.

Our take: fashionably priced, very lightweight, durable, easy to pull and comes with a 7 Year Worldwide “Better Life” Warranty.

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